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Caravan Storage Perth

We all love our caravans but trying to store a caravan in suburbia is nearly impossible. From taking up the entire driveway to parking on the lawn, let alone complaints from neighbours and the council. Trying to store a caravan on a Perth street is a nightmare. Luckily Ultimate Storage is here to help by providing a safe, secure and easily accessible facility for storing any size caravan.

Our state-of-the-art caravan storage facility in Naval Base gives you complete peace of mind that your caravan is being stored in a safe and secure location where you have  7-day access 365 days a year.

Each caravan bay is extra large to allow all-size caravans and easy access when loading and unloading your caravan.  We have also planned out the facility carefully with guided parking and angled bays which takes the pressure out of reversing and potentially scratching or denting your beloved caravan.

Each bay is issued with a unique security pin, so access to your allocated bay is available 365 daaof the year.   There is no need to let us know when you require access.  Although if you plan to access the site outside daylight hours, we ask that you email us in advance.

7 Day Access

Individual Pin Codes

Great Location

Angled Reversing Bays

Water Onsite

1 Minute Drive to Stock Rd

All Caravans stored with us must be in roadworthy condition and must be insured at all times whilst stored with us

Ultimate Caravan, Boat, RV Storage Perth

7 Day Access – No Appointments Needed

Access to your allocated bay is available 365 days of the year 6 am to 6 pm. There is no need to let us know when you require access to your Caravan, Boat or RV during the day. Please note if you require access outside of daylight hours please contact us below.

 0459 475 193

Mon-Sun: 6 am-6 pm

66 Frederic Street Naval Base (Entrance of Lee Rd)

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My hubby and I were one of the first to use Ultimate Storage for our Expanda.  We were blown away by the size of the bays, and for the first time, we didn’t have to take 3 goes at reversing.  Both of us also really like that we can come and go as we want and don’t need to make appointments.  Highly recommend!

Mary Green

We had been storing our caravan in an older complex and when we heard about Ultimate Storage we didn’t think twice about moving.  The location is great, the place is clean, with cameras everywhere.

David Ward